Ensembles in Residence

Improvisation Ensemble: A collection of intermediate to advanced jazz improvisers, including instrumentalists and vocalists.

95C. Concert Choir: An intermediate level choral ensemble. Auditions are not required. Interested students should attend the first class session.

95D. Symphonic Chorus: An advanced choral ensemble that performs a subscription series of concerts with the Symphony Orchestra. An audition is required and consists of: 1) vocalizing for range, quality and accuracy of pitch; 2) sight-reading, progressing from easy to more difficult; 3) performance of a song. Prepare a song of your choice (an accompanist will be provided) from any genre of classical music: an art song, aria, a song from musical theater, or part of a choral work. No pop music.

95G. Gospel Choir (Pass/No Pass only): Everyone is welcome to join. A group audition will be held at the first class meeting. The course may be taken for either two or three units. Extra sections and concerts are required to earn three units. The instructor will announce these requirements at the first class session.

95J. Section A: Jazz Ensemble: An intermediate to advanced level jazz ensemble. Students should be prepared to play scales, sight-read, and improvise at the first class session. Vocalists may also audition.

95K. Chamber Singers: An advanced choral group. Interested students should attend the first class meeting prepared to audition with a prepared classical piece of their choice. An accompanist will be provided.

95L. Wind Ensemble: An intermediate to advanced level ensemble that performs standard and contemporary band literature. There will be a rehearsal at the first class meeting of course repertoire. The instructor will announce audition times at the first session.

95W. World Music Ensembles: Indian Classical Music: An ensemble with a focus on the sitar and tabla. A background in Indian Classical Music is not required to participate. Voice students are encouraged to join. Previous sections of Music 95W have included: African drumming, Korean percussion, koto, and Indonesian flute.

kallisti ensemble: Graduate level artists in contemporary vocal performance. For more information on kallisti, visit www.kallisti-ensemble.com.

red fish blue fish: An advanced level contemporary percussion ensemble. For more information on red fish blue fish, visit music.ucsd.edu/rfbf.


For a complete description of the ensembles (including course offerings) see the Performance Ensembles course description page.

View the Calendar of Events for a schedule of these Ensembles.