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CEMEC (A SD Soundings Event)
Saturday, April 21st, 2018
8:00 pm
Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater
CEMEC website


1.  Carolyn Chen & Christopher Clarino (UCSD) - 'Threads'
2.  Michael Janz (CalArts) - 'Las Chivas; Slower'
3.  Scott Perry (UCSB) - 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'
4.  Anqi Liu (UCSD) - 'Ocean Pearl Teardrops'
5.  Sam Friedland (CalArts) - 'Occlusive Thoughts'
6.  Elizabeth J. Hambleton (UCSB) - 'Eric, Turn Off the Nintendo'
7.  Melodie Michel (UCSC) - 'Haunting Ballad'
8.  Preston Towers (UCSB) - 'Real Men Drive Cars'
9.  Alex Stephenson & Dimitris Paganos Koukakis (UCSD) - 'Jeu-Parti'

The California Electronic Music Exchange Concert (CEMEC) series, run and curated by grad students and faculty of each participating institution, is meant to strengthen the connections between the California institutions that have computer and electronic music programs.

The 2018 series of California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts will be held at the campuses of UCSC, UCSD, UCSB, Mills, Stanford, and CalArts. Student composers, performers, improvisers, and/or installation artists are encouraged to submit electronic works of any type for consideration: fixed media, live electronics, interactive performance, video, installation, etc. The only requirement for consideration is that the works use electronics in a purposeful way. 

Concert Program (PDF)

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