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Barbara Byers, voice - Graduate Recital
Friday, May 18th, 2018
5:00 pm
Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater

Barbara Byers presents: BEOWULF

Barbara Byers is a vocalist, composer and materials artist. In her rendition of the epic of Beowulf, she explores questions of monstrosity, 'otherness' and fatalism, while presenting the tragedy of the monster, Grendel, through music, dance and material performance.

Barbara Byers, voice and oud
Benjamin Rempel, percussion
Kyle Adam Blair, piano
Kathryn Schulmeister, double bass
Sammy Jo Stone, baritone saxophone and Oboe
Michael Matsuno, flute
John Burnett, electronics/sound
Vocalists:  Jonathan Nussman, Lauren Jones, Jasper Sussman, Samuel Chan, Lizze Fisher

Concert Program (PDF)

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