Grad Forum

Grad Forum
Friday, February 9th, 2018
7:00 pm
Conrad Prebys Concert Hall

Robert Erikson - Kryl 
Alexandria Smith

set of Irish/Scottish music 
Landon Bain, Keir GoGwilt, Barbara Byers

Manfred Werder - Stück 2004
Matthew Kline

Songs for Fish by Barbara
Barbara Byers, Ben Rempel, Jordan Morton, Keir GoGwilt

Peter Ablinger - Weiss/Weisslich 17c (1994/2007)
Christopher Clarino, Barbara Byers

Theodor A. Wiesengrund - "The Philosophy of New Zealand Music, part I: Richard Fuchs & the Dialectic of Loneliness" (1946)
Celeste Oram, Madison Greenstone

Grad Forums provide an outlet for Music Department graduate students to present individual and collaborative works on their own terms. From theatrically-oriented conceptions to virtuosic instrumental solos, this Grad Forum highlights the artistic diversity that coexists here at UCSD.

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