Directions and Venues


The following is a list of common locations for on-campus events:

Directions & Maps

The Conrad Prebys Concert Hall and the Department of Music Recital Hall is located inside of the Conrad Prebys Music Center (CPMC). The Mandeville Auditorium is located in Mandeville Center. Music Center Studio (Studio A) is located in Warren Lecture Halls.


Please click on the driving directions below to link to UCSD's Interactive West Campus map and search for Mandeville 285 or Warren Lecture Hall 625 depending on the event location. Parking lots are indicated with a letter "P" before the number.

Driving directions and other UCSD maps - [Conrad Prebys Music Center] [Mandeville Center] [Warren Lecture Hall]

The Music Department's Main Office, including the Undergraduate and Graduate Advising offices are on the first floor of Conrad Prebys Music Center.

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Parking Options and Permit information
(fees subject to change):

  • Gilman Parking Garage, Conrad Prebys Music Center parking, at the corner of Gilman Drive and La Jolla Village Drive, all spaces including visitor spaces.
  • Lot P207, Mandeville parking, off John Muir drive,"A" &"B" spaces
  • Lot P208, Mandeville parking, off John Muir drive, Mostly "S" spaces, some "A" &"B" spaces
  • Lot P508, Warren Lecture Hall parking, corner of Voigt and Matthews Lane, "A" & "B" spaces
  • Parking on campus is free on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • $16/all day, or $2 per one hour
  • Single-Day permits can be used in all non-reserved parking spaces after 4:30pm
  • You can purchase parking passes at the entrance of lots P207-208


Please visit the Parking and Transportation site for up-to-date information on parking fees and policy.