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Please visit this page often for samples of music by faculty and students, including the Sound Check CD collection featuring graduate composers and performers.
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02. Binary Experiment for James Tenney

- (05/01/2007 7:21)
Composer: Jeff Treviño
James Ilgenfritz, contrabass
Engineer: Daniel Sarren
Recorded: May 1, 2007; Warren Studio B

10.59 MB MP3


03. Squirrel Pod Saskatchewan

- (02/05/2007 10:20)
Composers: Joe Bigham, William Brent, Fabio Oliveira, Jonathan Piper, Jason Ponce
pfr: Joe Bigham, e.guitar; William Brent, laptop; Fabio Oliveira, percussion; Jonathan Piper,
tuba; Jason Ponce, laptop
Engineer: Nathan Brock
Recorded: February 5, 2007; Warren Studio A

14.89 MB MP3


04. Mother Myth (No. 72)

- (11/06/2006 2:28)
Composers: Tracy McMullen, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Juliana Snapper
Myth America: Tracy McMullen, Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri, Juliana Snapper, voices
Engineer: Nathan Brock
Recorded: November 6, 2006, Warren Studio A

3.56 MB MP3


05. Study No. 4 (Peleas_Pele)

- (02/14/2000 1:54)
Composer: Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson, piano
Engineer: Benjamin Carson
Recorded: February 14, 2000, Warren Studio A

2.75 MB MP3


06. Shadows (Numbers) tell it (to the Executioner)

- (05/03/2007 2:26)
Shadows (Numbers) Tell It (To The Executioner)
Composer: Steve Willard
Jeff Denson, contrabass; Steve Willard, poem, voice, guitar
Engineer: Nathan Brock
Recorded: May 3, 2007, Warren Studio A

3.52 MB MP3


08. 721 in the Books

- (08/13/2007 5:49)
Composers: David Borgo, James Ilgenfritz, Jeff Kaiser, Fabio Oliveira
B.I.K.O.: David Borgo, tenor saxophone; James Ilgenfritz, contrabass; Jeff Kaiser, quartertone
trumpet; Fabio Oliveira, percussion
Engineer: James Ilgenfritz
Recorded: August–, 2007, Erickson Hall

8.38 MB MP3


09. Triptych

- (01/22/2000 11:01)
Composer: Jude Weirmeir
Lisa Cella, flute, piccolo; Colin McAllister, guitar; David Ryther, violin; Philip Larson,
Engineer: Josef Kucera
Recorded: January•, 2000, Warren Studio A

15.88 MB MP3


10. Random House

- (04/25/2005 6:55)
Composer: Tracy McMullen
David Borgo, alto saxophone; Anthony Davis, piano; Michael Dessen, trombone; Mark
Dresser, contrabass; Nathan Hubbard, drum set; Tracy McMullen, soprano saxophone; Karl
Soukup, trumpet; Mark Weaver, tuba; Ellen Weller, tenor saxophone
Engineer: Nathan Brock & Tom Erbe
Recorded: April 25, 2005, Warren Studio A

9.98 MB MP3