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Discography for Cecil Lytle


image 1. Roger Reynolds : All Known All White, Pogus, CD, 2002 Album Notes Available at: amazon.com Target.com Roger Reynolds - All Known, All White


image 2. Cecil Lytle: Beethoven Piano Sonatas (opus 106 & 111), Klavier Records, 1997 Album Notes (39.10 MB )


image 3. Cecil Lytle, Piano : Words for a Hymn to the Sun - The Complete Piano Music of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Volume III, Celestial Harmonies Records, 1990 Album Notes (5.98 MB )


image 4. The Scriabin Series, Volume II; Cecil Lytle, pianist., Klavier Records, 1988
image 5. Readings Of A Sacred Book: The Complete Piano Music of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Volume II., Celestial Harmonies Records, 1988


image 6. Seekers Of The Truth: The Complete Piano Music of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, Volume I (double CD set). Celestial Harmonies Label, 1987


image 7. Bernard Rands : Canti Del Sole-Canti Lunatici, Composers Recording, Inc., LP, 1986 Album Notes (37.62 MB )
image 8. Cecil Lytle : The Scriabin Series Volume 1, Klavier Records, LP, 1986
image 9. Cecil Lytle: Piano : Piano Music from Celestial Harmonies:Keys of Life, Celestial Harmonies, CD, 1986 Album Notes (7.35 MB )
image 10. The Naked Gershwin. Public television national broadcast; Cecil Lytle, pianist, 1986


image 11. Roger Reynolds : Distant Images Less than Two, Aether, Lovely Music, LP, 1984 Album Notes Available at: lovely.com
image 12. Roger Reynolds : The Serpent-Snapping Eye, Composers Recording, Inc., LP, 1984 Album Notes (31.02 MB )


image 13. Ragtime Piano for Four Hands Direckt to Disc, 1976


image 14. Rags, Blues, The Boogie-Woogie...And A Sweet Goodnight Goodbye, Klavier Label, 1974