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Discography for Rand Steiger

See Rand Steiger's website for additional discography information.


image 1. Anthony Davis : Anthony Davis: Tania-Complete Opera, Koch Int'l Classics, 2001 Available at: amazon.com


image 2. Rand Steiger : New Electro-Acoustic Music, Centaur Records, CD, 2000 Album Notes Available at: centaurrecords.com arkivmusic.com


image 3. Mark Osborn : Interregna, Old King Cole Records, CD, 1998 Album Notes Available at: oldkingcole.com amazon.com


image 4. Hilda Paredes : The Seventh Pip with Arditti String Quartet, Mode Records, CD, 1997 Album Notes (47.26 MB ) Available at: moderecords.com amazon.com Arditti Quartet & Rand Steiger - Hilda Paredes: The Seventh Seed (A Chamber Opera), Permutaciones Versions 1 & 2
image 5. Louis Andriessen : Zilver, New Albion Records, 1997 Album Notes Available at: newalbion.com amazon.com The California Ear Unit - Zilver
image 6. Rand Steiger : Screamers: Difficult Works For The Horn, Crystal Records, CD, 1997 Available at: crystalrecords.com amazon.com


image 7. Virko Baley : Dreamtime, Cambria Music, CD, 1996 Available at: cambriamus.com


image 8. Roger Reynolds : Personae/The Vanity of Words/Variation, Neuma Records, CD, 1995 Album Notes Available at: amazon.com circuitcity.com


image 9. Rand Steiger : Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: Tributes to Mozart, CRI Records, CD, 1994 Available at: newworldrecords.org amazon.com
image 10. Rand Steiger : The California EAR Unit, New Albion Records, CD, 1994 Available at: newalbion.com barnesandnoble.com The California Ear Unit - The California Ear Unit
image 11. Brian Ferneyhough, Rand Steiger, Roger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa : SONOR Ensemble, Composers Recording, Inc, 1994 Album Notes Available at: newworldrecords.org amazon.com
image 12. Iannis Xenakis : Ais/Gendy3/Taurhiphanie/Thallein, Neuma Records, 1994 Album Notes (82.97 MB ) Available at: amazon.com neumarecords.com


image 13. Rand Steiger, Chinary Ung, Martin Brody, Mario Davidovsky, Miriam Gideon : Aequalis, Composers Recording, Inc., CD, 1991 Album Notes Available at: newworldrecords.org cduniverse.com


image 14. Morton Subotnick : The Key To Songs, New Albion Records, 1986 Album Notes Available at: newalbion.com amazon.com


image 15. Morton Subotnick : Works of Morton Subotnick, 1983


image 16. Morton Subotnick : Ascent Into Air, Nonsuch Records, 1982