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Discography for Tom Erbe

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image 1. Tom Erbe, Chris Mann, Larry Polansky, Larry Polansky, Douglas Repetto, Christian Wolff : Trios, Pogus Records, 2004 Available at: pogus.com amazon.com Christian Wolff, Tom Erbe, Chris Mann, Larry Polansky & Douglas Repetto - Trios


image 2. Splitting Bits, Closing Loops: Sound on Sound, EMF Media, CD, 2003 Available at: cdemusic.org amazon.com
image 3. Mel Powell : Settings, New World Records, CD, 2003 Album Notes Available at: newworldrecords.org amazon.com
image 4. Jacqueline Humbert : Chanteuse, Lovely, 2003 Available at: lovely
image 5. Akira Rabelais : ...benediction, draw, orthlong musork, 2003 Available at: musork
image 6. Larry Polansky : Change, Artifact, 2003 Available at: artifact


image 7. Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet : The Year of the Elephant, Pi Recordings, CD, 2002 Available at: amazon.com
image 8. From Gdansk till Dawn: Contemporary Experimental Music from Eastern Europe, 2002 Album Notes


image 9. Southern Cones: Music out of Africa and South America, 2001 Available at: emfmedia.org amazon.com
image 10. Not Necessarily "English Music" . A collection of experimental music from Great Britain, 1960-1977, 2001 Album Notes Available at: emfmedia.org


image 11. Transmigration Music - Music from CEAIT at California Institute for the Arts., Centaur Records, CD, 2000 Available at: centaurrecords.com amazon.com


image 12. Randy Hostetler : Happily Ever After, Frog Peak Music, 1999 Available at: frogpeak.org amazon.com
image 13. Wadada Leo Smith : Light Upon Light, Tzadik, 1999 Available at: amazon.com
image 14. Power and Responsibility: Converted to Streaming between Machines, 1999 Available at: emfmedia.org amazon.com
image 15. Morton Feldman : Crippled Symmetry, Bridge Records, 1999 Available at: bridgerecords.com amazon.com


image 16. The Frog Peak Collaborations Project, Frog Peak Music, 2 CD, 1998 Available at: frogpeak.org amazon.com
image 17. Stephen Mosko : Indigenous Music, O. O. Disks, 1998 Available at: oodiscs.com amazon.com
image 18. Ghosts and Monsters: Technology and Personality in Contemporary Music, 1998 Available at: emfmedia.org amazon.com


image 19. Morton Feldman : For Philip Guston (1984), Bridge, 4 CDs, 1997 Available at: amazon.com
image 20. Louis Andriessen : Zilver, New Albion Records, 1997 Album Notes Available at: newalbion.com amazon.com The California Ear Unit - Zilver
image 21. Karlheinz Stockhausen : Kontakte, Ecstatic Peace Records, CD, 1997 Available at: amazon.com
image 22. Ben Azarm : Neoapplictana, Artifact Recordings, CD, 1997 Available at: artifact.com
image 23. Cocks Crow, Dogs Bark: New Compostional Intentions, 1997 Album Notes
image 24. Crawling With Tarts : I Am Telephoning A Star, 1997 Available at: forcedexposure.com
image 25. Wadada Leo Smith : Golden Hearts Remembrance, Chap Chap Records, 1997


image 26. Wadada Leo Smith : Tao Njia, Tzadik, CD, 1996 Available at: tzadik.com amazon.com
image 27. Jim Horton : Simulated Winds And Cries, Artifact, CD, 1996 Album Notes Available at: artifact.com
image 28. The Lyre's Island: Some Austrailian Music, Sound Art And Design, Leonardo Music Journal, 1996 Album Notes


image 29. Alvin Curran : Animal Behavior, Tzadik, CD, 1995 Available at: tzadik.com
image 30. Barbara Golden : Barbara Golden's Greatest Hits, Volume 1, Boner Girls, Book/CD, 1995 Available at: amazon.com
image 31. Innovation in Contemporary Japanese Composition, Leonardo Music Journal, 1995 Album Notes


image 32. Alvin Curran : Schtyx, New World Records, 1994 Album Notes Available at: newworldrecords.org amazon.com
image 33. Crawling With Tarts : Operas 3 And 4, 1994 Available at: forcedexposure.com
image 34. John Bischoof, Chris Brown, Alvin Curran, Tom Erbe, and Maggi Payne : , Centaur Records, 1994 Available at: centaurrecords.com
image 35. Música Electroacústica De Compositores Latinoamericanos, 1994 Available at: leonardo.info
image 36. Larry Polansky : Simple Harmonic Motion, Artifact, 1994 Album Notes Available at: artifact.com forcedexposure.com
image 37. I Wayan Sadra : New Music Indonesia, Volume 3: Karya, Lyrichord, CD, 1994 Available at: lyrichord.com


image 38. New Music Indonesia, Vol. 2 (central java): Mana 689, Lyrichord, CD, 1993 Available at: lyrichord.com amazon.com
image 39. Laurie Anderson, Robert Ashley, Larry Austin, John Cage, John Cale, et al. : A Chance Operation - The John Cage Tribute, Koch International Classics, CD, 1993 Available at: amazon.com
image 40. Alvin Curran : Songs And Views Of The Magnetic Garden, 1993 Available at: amazon.com
image 41. Asmat Dream: New Music Indonesia, Vol. 1(Sunda), Lyrichord, CD, 1993 Available at: lyrichord.com amazon.com
image 42. Peter Garland : Nana And Victorio, Avant, CD, 1993
image 43. Vocal Neighborhoods, 1993 Available at: leonardo.info


image 44. James Tenney : James Tenney - Selected Works 1961 - 1969, Artifact, 1992 Album Notes Available at: artifact.com amazon.com
image 45. Interaction: New Music For Gamelan, 1992 Available at: leonardo.info
image 46. Transforms: The Nerve Events Project, Cuneiform Records, CD, 1992 Available at: cuneiformrecords.com amazon.com


image 47. Bob Ostertag : Sooner Or Later, Recrec, 1991 Available at: cduniverse.com
image 48. Room : Hall of Mirrors, Music And Art, 1991 website
image 49. The Virtuoso In The Computer Age - I, Centaur, 1991 Available at: amazon.com


image 50. Ear Magazine Presents : Absolut CD #3 (Improvisation/Composition), 1990


image 51. Robert Ashley : Improvemen, Elektra Nonesuch, 1989 Available at: amazon.com
image 52. Chris Brown : Snakecharmer, Artifact, 1989 Album Notes Available at: artifact.com
image 53. Larry Polansky : The Theory Of Impossible Melody, Artifact, 1989 Album Notes website Available at: artifact.com

image 54. David Mahler : The Voice Of The Poet: Works On Tape 1972-1986, Frog Peak Music, CD, Available at: emusic.com