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October 01, 2005

  While students were away doing whatever students do in summer (don't tell us), the Music Faculty was working on new projects, traveling around the world, having all sorts of cool adventures. Herewith, an update on a few of these:

David Borgo finished writing his book "Sync or Swarm: Improvising Music in a Complex Age" (due out from Continuum this fall). He also gathered music for the accompanying CD, and promoted the release of his South African jazz tribute disc, "Ubuntu" (Cadence Jazz Records). In August, David was joined by Mark Dresser for a performance at U.C. Irvine. Somewhere in there, David and family escaped to Mammoth Mountain for a week of R&R.

Chaya Czernowin is a visiting professor at Harvard this fall.

Anthony Davis was in Toronto in June, workshopping his new opera "Wakonda's Dream" at the Tapestry Theatre. The opera opens in Omaha in March 2007. He also hosted a preliminary workshop for his opera about the Cuban Revolution, with director Robert Wilson, at Watermill Center on Long Island.

Mark Dresser's solo CD "Unveil" was released. Mark performed solo concerts in New York, Clusone (Italy), Lisbon, Kalamazoo, and Los Angeles. Dresser's trio with  Denman Maroney and Michael Sarin performed at Jazz en Agosto in Lisbon. Their recent CD, "Time Changes," has received much critical acclaimŠ

Schlomo Dubnov's algorithmic composition "NTrope Suite" will be featured at ART TECH EXPO in Worcester, Massachusetts in October. The expo is exploring a wide range of Art Tech Media where science and technology are applied to painting, sculpture, gaming, music, poetry, video, photography, architecture, woodworking and ceramics ( Schlomo and co-editors S. Argamon and K. Burn had their book "Structure and Style: Algorithmic Approaches to Understanding Manner and Meaning" accepted by Spring for publication in 2007.

John Fonville, our Department of Music Chairman, composed a work for the tone road ramblers called "Operation Big Money: Dreaming in America," an extended 30 minute study juxtaposing disparate materials some bordering on the absurd. There is always a need for humor in times of crisis. The group recorded the work and it will be released on a new double cd featuring composed and improvised work. Did you know that John played on Isaac Hayes' epic 1971 album "Shaft"? Originally, John copped his soulful vibe from his Memphis childhood. He recalls riding his bicycle past Graceland. No, he never met Elvis.

Nancy Guy's book Peking Opera and Politics was released in June by the University of Illinois Press.  In June, she gave an invited research presentation entitled "Drifting down the Tamsui to Toxic Consciousness: Towards an Ecomusicology of Music in Taiwan" at the National Taiwan University.  One of the highlights of Guy's research trip was her lengthy interview with the former President of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui. 

Aleck Karis is home from a year-long sabbatical in Paris, where his son and daughter became fluent in French. Aleck's new CD on Bridge Records features Davidovsky's "Synchronisms #6 for Piano and Tape" (also recorded previously by Aleck for CRI), "Capriccio for Violin and Piano", and "Chacona for Piano Trio".

Philippe Manoury spent his summer secluded in his cool Paris basement, composing "On-Iron" for choir, percussion, electronics, and video. He gave a lecture and performance at the University of Michigan this fall, and he's bound for Seoul for a performance of his piece "Jupiter" in early November.

János Négyesy finished his new CD recording of five solo violin pieces by Athanasia Tzanou, Alice Samter,

Bun˜hing Lam, Marita Bolles and Kaija Saariaho. It will be available before end of this year on Aucourant Records.

Jann Pasler finishing writing volume one of Useful Music, or Why Music Mattered in Third Republic France (University of California Press), a book about why music was and still is supported and embraced as a public good in France. Jann also has an article coming out in Perspectives of New Music, titled "Boretzian Discourse and History."

Miller Puckette has posted his new′0-page textbook, "Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music," on his web site:

Roger Reynolds welcomed the publication of a revised edition of his 1975 book "Mind Models". He also saw the culmination of a 7-year collaboration between UCSD and IRCAM in Paris: a CD-ROM/Audio CD, "The Creation and Perception of a Musical Work: The Angel of Death". Roger completed work on two pieces to be premiered at the Ultima Festival in Oslo in October: "Aspiration," a violin concerto for Irvine Arditti; and "The Image Machine," a real-time, interactive work for computer, done with the assistance of graduate student Pei Xiang. "On a less strictly musical note (and probably a more interesting one)," Roger says, "Karen and I took a trip to Corsica and France in July to photograph structures designed or influenced by Xenakis in his role as an architect (and a collaborator of Le Corbusier). We stayed at the summer home he designed on Corsica, and photographed the La Tourette Monastery in Lyon as well as the Ronchamp chapel. We are writing a monograph on the house that Xenakis designed for us, intended for the Anza-Borrego desert."

Steven Schick gave a dozen performances of "Oscar: Pièce de Cirque," a circus/percussion piece by Roland Auzet, at the Théatre Sylvia Monfort in Paris, as well as the first performance of UCSD alumnus Jarek Kapuscinski's "Enzo,"  a concerto for percussion, orchestra and video images, at the Warsaw Autumn Festival. Steve also collaborated with dancer Allyson Green on "Summer Steps," presented at La Jolla Music Society's SummerFest.

Harvey Sollberger presented two pieces at the National Flute Association Convention in San Diego. He performed Roger Reynolds's "Transfigured Wind IV," for flute and electronics; also, he conducted his flute choir piece,"Killapata/Chaskapata." This fall, Harvey's "The Advancing Moment" will be performed in New York, Las Vegas, Provo, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles by the New York New Music Ensemble. In connection with this NYNME tour, Harvey will be a featured composer and performer at the November 16-18 Brigham Young University Festival of New Music.

Chinary Ung. Chinary moved forward with plans for an ambitious new composing/cultural exchange program involving his native Cambodia. The three-year project would include performances of Ung's compositions by Southwest Chamber Music, in both Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as visits by Vietnamese and Cambodian music students to the U.S. for coaching and workshops. Young Asian composers would get instrumental training, as well as exposure to Western music. Performances in both countries would help bridge the divide that has existed between them since long before the Vietnam War.

Kartik Seshadri toured with Philip Glass as part of the composer's "Orion" project, which includes sitar music composed by Ravi Shankar and performed by Kartik.

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