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May 21, 2009

  Is it music? Is it theater? Is it anarchy? John Cage's Songbooks consists of 90 solo pieces, including songs, Buddhist sayings, films, gestures, recordings of a pile driver, juxtaposed in time and space. Students from UCSD's graduate and undergraduate performance program, along with faculty member Susan Narucki, will present a 123 minute performance of the work on May 21, 2009 beginning at 3 minutes to 3 p.m., in the courtyard of the new Conrad Prebys Music Center in the heart of the UCSD campus.

This performance of John Cage: Songbooks has been developed through one of graduate performance seminars offered at UCSD (Projects in New Music Performance.) Performers, as a group, have made decisions about all of aspects of the performance. We have read and discussed writings of Cage, Zen Buddhism, and Thoreau and our decisions have been informed by this.

Songbooks was written in 1970. Cage's compositional choices were influenced by his belief in Zen Buddhism and his use of the I Ching. We have decided, to offer a contmemporary response to the piece, within the performance; our response grows out of our beliefs.

John Cage: Songbooks (Mus 201A: Projects in New Music Performance)
Pavlos Antoniadis
Stephanie Aston
Pzemyslaw Bosak
Rich Bott
Pablo Gomez
Aaron Helgeson
Susan Narucki, faculty
Christine Tavolacci
Berglind Tomasdottir
Susanna Waiche

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