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October 12, 2010

  Violinist János Négyesy's popular Soirée for Music Lovers concerts were born nearly twenty-five years ago when the Hungarian virtuoso and UC San Diego music faculty member sensed a need for first-rate live classical music to complement the department's new and experimental offerings.

Négyesy's Soirées proved immediately popular, both on campus and in the San Diego community. Since then the quarterly performances have grown to the point where they attract full houses at the department's 400-seat Conrad Prebys Concert Hall.

As director of the concerts, Négyesy selects music by a range of classical composers from various eras. Composers whose music is regularly featured range from Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms, to Telemann, Locatelli, and Saint-Saens.

The music is also selected to present a variety of instrumental formats, from soloists and duos, to ensembles of more than a dozen musicians.

Performers are a mix of professionals and gifted students, which gives young musicians the opportunity to play at a professional level.

On Oct. 23, the Fall Soirée for Music Lovers extends the series' repertoire in a new direction with a new work from master sitarist Kartik Seshadri, a former student of famed sitarist Ravi Shankar. This compelling and spectacular piece combines Seshadri's sitar with seven string players, flute, persussion, and keyboard.

In addition to luring classical music lovers to UCSD, Négyesy also uses the Soirées as an outreach program, with regular performances at Mesa Community College and at other San Diego locations including next February's concert at the Escondido Center for the Performing Arts.

"Traditionally the Soirées feature music from the last century, so in this new century it's time to play pieces such as Kartik's from the 20th century," Négyesy says.

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