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November 08, 2010

  red fish blue fish, UCSD's resident percussion ensemble, has three new members this fall: Leah Bowden, Eric Derr, and Jennifer Torrence. They perform their first UCSD concert with the group on November 18 at 8 PM in the Department of Music's Conrad Prebys Concert Hall.

Each year, a few fish complete their grad degrees and move on with their careers. Aiyun Huang became director of the percussion program at McGill University in Montreal. Ross Karre (who still performs with the ensemble) is pursuing a graduate degree in Visual Arts at UCSD. Fabio Oliveira is teaching music in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Meanwhile, new percussionists join red fish blue fish each fall, lured by the international reputation of its director Steven Schick, and by the group's status as a professional endeavor with important projects such as the 3˜D set of Xenakis' percussion music, and the upcoming CD/DVD of UCSD composer Roger Reynolds' Sanctuary. By the time they arrive at UCSD to work toward graduate music degrees, they have already established their careers as musicians.

Bowden completed her undergrad degree at UC Santa Cruz. Derr earned his masters McGill University in Montreal. Torrence came from Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

"I knew that working with Steven Schick and my colleagues in red fish blue fish would prove invaluable to my vitality has an artist," says Bowden, who selected UCSD from a handful of top universities. "I also knew that at UCSD I would engage in longterm collaborations with composers and performers, and this is extremely important to me."

red fish blue fish performs each year at prestigious events and venues across the United States and around the world. They have appeared several times at Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. This year's group was featured at the Carlsbad Music Festival in September; and in early November performed in Los Angeles in conjunction with a Xenakis design exhibition at Pacific Design Center.

Tickets for the group's November 18 concert are $15 general, $10 UCSD faculty-staff-alumni-friends of music, and free for all students.

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