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December 09, 2011

  UCSD COMPOSER CHINARY UNG'S MUSIC OF CHINARY UNG, VOL. 3 (with his wife Susan on viola, voice and percussion) has just been released by Bridge Records.

COMPOSER AND UCSD MUSIC FACULTY RAND STEIGER ATTENDED A PERFORMANCE OF GRAD COMPOSITION STUDENT ANNA THORVALDSDOTTIR'S AERIALITY at Harpa Concert Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. Meanwhile, Anna's Hrim premiered in New York City, conducted by UCSD composition PhD candidate Nicholas DeMaison, on a program also including UCSD composer Philippe Manoury's Instants Pluriels.

FACULTY MEMBER DAVID BORGO AND GRAD STUDENT JEFF KAISER'S recent performance at UCSD's The Loft nightclub earned props from San Diego Reader blogger Robert Bush, who dug Borgo and Kaiser's Kaiborg more than headliner Marco Benevento.

UCSD COMPOSER LEI LIANG HAS BEEN SIGNED BY SCHOTT MUSIC, which will have exclusive rights to publish his compositions. Lei is already part of Schott's digital publishing initiative Project Schott. Meanwhile, Lei's string orchestra piece Verge is going to be performed by the Berkeley Symphony Orchestra led by Jayce Ogren (Dec. 8) and by the Oberlin Contemporary Ensemble led by Timothy Weiss (Dec. 9). Finally, Lei recently lectured on his music at Lettere e Filosofia Università Roma Tre.

UCSD MUSIC ALUMNUS TODD DAVIDSON has produced a new musical titled West Coast Cabaret and is raising funds via

DR. HENRY POWELL OF UCSD'S MED SCHOOL FACULTY IS A DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF CLASSICAL MUSIC who religiously attends our Camera Lucida concerts. Harry, as he is known to friends, reads voraciously and often recommends books. His latest suggestion is Stendhal's biography of Rossini: "I like the Rossini biography for the following reasons. Stendhal is one of my favorite authors; The Charterhouse of Parma is a book I really like. When I saw that he had written a book about Rossini I was eager to read it and the book did not disappoint. However, I had better point out before someone else does, that Stendhal also plagiarized other people's work. I learned this a couple of years ago when I found a book ostensibly by Stendhal on Mozart, Haydn and Metastasio.  I was excited to find the book but when I started to read it, was surprised to learn that my literary hero had not written the book, he had passed it off as his own. So now we come to Rossini. The book is criticized by music scholars for some inaccuracies.  However I stand by my recommendation of the chapter that describes how a small town in Italy in the early nineteenth century went about commissioning an opera, then the arrival of the composer, frantic efforts to get the score finished and printed before the singers arrive in town, then the arrival of the singers and the tensions and scandals before the work is finally performed.  What I love about the book is the fact that Stendhal, a French diplomat working in Italy managed to attend the first nights of many of Rossini's operas.  Hence the value and charm of the chapter I cite.

BACH COLLEGIUM (INCLUDING SOPRANO AND UCSD MUSIC ALUM ANNE-MARIE DICCE) performs Gauteti's Motels and Carols: Old and New, Dec. 16 at 7:30 pm at St. James by the Sea Episcopal Church in La Jolla (743 Prospect St.), and Dec. 17 at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Pacific Beach (1050 Thomas Ave.).

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