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March 17, 2016

  Composer and Pulitzer Prize-winner Roger Reynolds of the music faculty receives is profiled by veteran music critic Philip Clark in the March issue of Gramophone magazine. "The first time Reynolds's music really spoke to me, I was enduring a long train journey armed with only my laptop and a copy of Sanctuary (2003-2007), Reynolds's cycle of pieces for solo percussionist and percussion ensemble release by Mode Records on DVD in 2011," recalls Clark, who says the Reynolds's music "has grown out of the bedrock of American experimentalism" and names Ruth Crawford Seeger, Henry Cowell and James Tenney as key composers in the movement. In the realm of new and experimental music written for percussion, Clark connects Reynolds with predecessors such as Varese (Ionisation), Stockhausen (Zyklus), Xenakis (Pleiades) and Reich (Drumming). But he notes that Reynolds ventured even farther in Sanctuary by notating different parts for each of the percussionist's fingers, like one might compose for a pianist.

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