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May 02, 2007

  Nick DeMaison's Opera Cabal, a collective of musicians and writers dedicated to the creation and production of experimental opera and theatre, stormed Chicago April 5-7. The Cabal's Collusions Festival included appearances by U.C. San Diego graduate music students DeMaison (piano) and Kathleen Gallagher (flute). DeMaison conducted soprano vocalist Tony Arnold's performance of Sciarrino's "Infinite Nero". As you can see from this photo, DeMaison donned goggles when the sparks flew. And, from the music website "Australian flutist Kathleen Gallagher turned in a riveting performance of Michael Finnissy's daunting Sikangnuga, for solo flute. Packed to the keyholes with awkward leaps and grace notes and those lovely demarcations which scream 'New Complexity' such as 8Υ inside 11, Gallagher still made its multiple contrasting sections stand out. Near the end of the 10-minute piece, the performer is asked to sing an accompaniment around the played notes, which Gallagher carried off to great effect."

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