Kayla Wilson

  Phone: 858-534-6503
Off: CPMC 183

Kayla Wilson is a Social Media and Digital Communications specialist, with experience over the last eight years at the University of Chicago, volunteer work for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and comes to us from the San Diego Symphony, where she worked as their Social Media Manager for the past four years. Symphony CEO Martha Gilmer says that Ms. Wilson was "a major part of the transformation of the public understanding and awareness of the orchestra," and she has extensively worked to show the importance of authenticity through storytelling across many platforms in order to engage communities for a variety of non-profit organizations over her career. Through a honed voice, Kayla has proven her ability to translate complex musical programming and terminology into digestible and accessible digital content, inspiring audiences to broaden their horizons with expanded and unfamiliar repertoire.

Link here: http://music.ucsd.edu/b/Kayla+Wilson