Performance Ensembles

Performance in an ensemble appropriate to student abilities and interests. Grading is based on participation level, individual testing, and comparative papers on repertoire covered.

Enrolling in a Performance Ensemble:

Performance ensemble courses which require an audition prior to registration: (MUS 95B, 95D, 95E, 95H, 95JC, 95K, 95L, 130/230, 131, 134/234)

  • Students will not be able to register for any of the above classes until the department's academic advisers have been notified by the instructor that the student has passed the audition.
  • Students who have been accepted will be notified within the first two weeks of the quarter giving them clearance to register for the class after department approval has been given.

Performance ensemble courses which do not require an audition (MUS 95C, 95G and 95W):

  • Department approval is not necessary.
  • Students register for these classes through WebReg.


Grading Option

  • Non-majors may take Music 95 courses for a total of 6 units (3 quarters) for a letter grade, after which they may be taken for a P/NP (Pass/No Pass) only (S/U for graduate students).
  • Music majors may take Music 95 courses for a total of 12 units (6 quarters) for a letter grade, after which they may be taken for P/NP only (S/U for graduate students).
  • There is one exception: Music 95G, Gospel Choir, must be taken P/NP only. This course can also be taken a total of 12 times or up to 36 units, whichever is reached first.


A $15 lab/production fee, except for 95G and 95W for which the fee is $10, will be assessed for all students enrolled in a Music 95 ensemble.

Students who drop an ensemble before the drop deadline may be eligible for a refund. Once we verify your drop date, we'll send the request to Student Business Services for processing.

Please send the following information to:
Full Name
Course Name and Number
Date you dropped the course

Ensembles are offered Fall, Winter, and Spring unless specified otherwise

Music 95B . Instrumental Choir for Bass (2 units)

Instrumental course consisting of quartets, quintets, sextets, or octets of specific instruments, i.e. percussion, etc. The ensemble promotes good performance ensemble skills and will expose students to great composers from the classical to the contemporary periods. Audition Requirements: Prerequisites: Audition required on the first day of class. Director, Professor Mark Dresser,

Offered: Winter

Music 95C. Concert Choir (2 units)

Open to all university students, the Concert Choir meets twice a week to prepare one program of choral literature each quarter. Repertoire chosen from a wide variety of musical styles. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Audition Requirements: No audition required. Philip Larson, Director: 858-534-6650 or

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95D. Symphonic Chorus (2 units)

A 120-voice, intermediate-advanced choral ensemble combining UCSD students with community members, which performs a subscription series of masterwork concerts with the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus. Audition Requirements: An audition is required and consists of: 1) vocalizing for range, quality and accuracy of pitch; 2) sight-reading, progressing from easy to more difficult; 3) performance of a song. Prepare a song of your choice (an accompanist is provided, please bring your music, an excerpt is acceptable) from any genre of classical music, art song, sacred, secular, musical theater, or your voice part of a choral work. No pop music. 4) written section designed to demonstrate understanding of music scores; the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus website includes a practice written quiz. Contact Mea Daum, Chorus Manager, at or 858-243-2045 (evenings) to schedule an audition. Auditions are by appointment and will be held in mid-to-late September. For more information visit: or Patrick Walders is the new Choral Director starting in Fall 2017.

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95E. Chamber Orchestra (2 units)

Rehearsal of varied works for full orchestra culminating in at least one public performance each quarter. Audition Requirements: Attend first class meeting to schedule an audition. Be prepared to play scales and a piece from your repertoire which best reflects your level of ability. For additional information, contact instructor, Matthew Kline at

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95G. Gospel Choir - Pass/No Pass only (2 - 3 units)

The goal of this course is to lead students in experiencing the singing and understanding of Gospel music and its various styles, as well as other forms of sacred music of the 20th century of the African American experience. The course may be taken for either two units or three units. Extra sections and concerts are required for three units; the instructor will announce these requirements at the first class session. Audition Requirements: No audition required. Everyone is welcome to join; a group audition for voice section placement is held at the first class meeting. Ken Anderson, Director. 858-534-2414

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95JC. Jazz Chamber Ensembles (2 units)

Small jazz ensembles will be arranged by audition and organized according to instrumentation and student interest, and ability. Each ensemble will meet on a weekly basis under faculty guidance and will have the opportunity for both on- and off-campus performances. Prerequisites: By audition only; Department stamp required. Audition Requirements: Audition held on the first day of class. Kamau Kenyatta, Director

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95K. Chamber Singers (2 units)

An advanced choral group. Preparation, stylistic interpretation and performance of music from the 12th century to the present for accompanied and unaccompanied voices. Basic music reading skills are encouraged. Prerequisites: By audition only. Attend the first class meeting to schedule an audition. Department stamp required. Audition Requirements: Audition held the first day of class. Professor Philip Larson, Director. 858-534-6650

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95L. Wind Ensemble (2 units)

An intermediate to advanced level ensemble performing traditional to contemporary band literature. Audition Requirements: Prerequisites: By audition only. Attend the first class meeting to schedule an audition. For information contact the instructor, James Beauton,

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 95W. World Music Ensembles: Indian Classical Music Ensemble (2 units)

An Indian Classical Music Ensemble with a focus on the Sitar and Tabla. No previous background necessary. Additional Description: An Indian classical music ensemble with a focus on the Sitar and Tabla or an instrument of your choice. Voice students are encouraged to join. Students will be introduced to the concepts of Raga and Tabla through fixed compositions and ear training. While no previous background is necessary, all students MUST attend the first meeting of class. Failure to do so will require students to drop the course. This first meeting is to assign students to proper groups and offer a broad survey of the history and theory of the tradition.
Audition Requirements: No audition required. Attend the first class meeting to be assigned an instrument. Kartik Seshadri, Director: 858-822-1491 or

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 130. Chamber Music Performance (4 units)

Instruction in the preparation of small group performances of representative instrumental and vocal chamber music literature. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor through audition. May be taken for credit six times, unlimited thereafter for zero units. Audition Requirements: Auditions are held during the first week of each quarter. Attend the first class meeting and prepare a movement of a concerto chosen from the standard repertoire, an entire sonata, or another major work for your instrument. Takae Ohnishi, Director:

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring

Music 131. Advanced Improvisation Performance (4 units)

Master-level class instruction in advanced improvisation performance for declared majors and minors only or by consent of instructor. May be taken for credit six times, unlimited thereafter for zero units. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor through audition. Audition Requirements: Auditions will be held on the first day of class. Audition materials may be provided by the instructor, but please come prepared to perform something that demonstrates your ability as well. Students should have some previous experience with improvisation, reading music on their instrument, and interpreting standard jazz chord charts. Vocalists may audition. Director: Mark Dresser,

Offered: Fall

Music 134. Symphonic Orchestra (4 units)

Repertoire is drawn from the classic symphonic literature of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries with a strong emphasis on recently composed and new music. Distinguished soloists, as well as The La Jolla Symphony Chorus, frequently appear with the orchestra. The La Jolla Symphony Orchestra performs two full-length programs each quarter, each program being performed twice. May be repeated six times for credit. Prerequisites: audition and department stamp required. Additional Description: Students participating must enroll for credit. May be repeated six times for credit.
Audition Requirements: Refer to the La Jolla Symphony website ( for audition information. The online application form must be completed before the audition. Auditions will be held in late September. Orchestra Manager: Ted Bietz / 619-468-3234 or Maestro, Steven Schick conducts.

Offered: Fall,Winter,Spring