Career Opportunies

Career Opportunities in Music

Although careers in music have generally been associated with performance in large ensembles or with teaching in music education programs, there are a growing number of opportunities which relate to more individualized combinations of practical and technical skills. These might include, for example, arts management, recording and computer-related business, and music publishing. One cannot prepare adequately for most professional roles in music with a Bachelor's Degree, but a strong practical, flexible, and broadly conceived training at the undergraduate level is the ideal route to the widest range of future possibilities. It is recommended that students frequently visit the UCSD Career Services Center for further information on careers in Music, as well as consult with faculty members. The link below lists many options in the music field.

What Can You Do with a Music Degree?

Related Major Skills

Attention to Detail, Self discipline, Interpretive Skills, Appreciation of Aesthetics, Patience, Organization Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Intense Research Skills, Creativity, Time-Management, Critical Analysis, Open minded, Adaptability, Communication Skills, Presentation/Public Speaking, Teamwork, Confidence, Problem solving, Perseverance, Focus, Non-Verbal Communication, Receiving Constructive Feedback, Collaboration, Dedication, Accountability.

Student testimonials 

"Without the time and passion of the music faculty, this department and the music world as a whole wouldn't be the same. I am privileged to have been a part of this department."  Cole Pendergrass, Alumnus, BA, Music Composition

"The UCSD program is very forward thinking and has been very motivating for me, and a big inspiration for how I think now, and how I want to pursue working in the future." Chad Goss, Alumnus, BA, ICAM Music

UC San Diego Alumni

Eric Ulman, BA '92, MA '94, PhD '00, Composition, Lecturer, Stanford U.

Jonathan and Jared Mattson, BA '11, Music, Jazz Emphasis, The Mattson 2 Jazz Duo performing in So. California

Emily Jankowski, BA '09, ICAM, Technical Director, KPBS

Trevor Muzzy, BA '07, ICAM, Recording Engineer/Mixer/Producer, RedOne Productions, Los Angeles, CA