Sweet Thunder Listening Room

During April 24th – April 27th, 2014, I will be presenting around 100 pieces of electro-acoustic music at the Sweet Thunder music festival. This installation will take place in the Fleet Room at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco from 10AM to 8PM each day (10AM to 2PM on Sunday). All daytime concerts will be played twice.

concert a (thursday 10AM, friday 4pm)

Simone Conforti AfricanHorns 7m 9s
Cote Guillaume Cote Guillaume 8m 25s
Florian Hartlieb Verzweigung 10m 17s
Elizabeth Hoffman WhirlingNothingness 4m 56s
Danilo Rossetti Tempo e Barbarie 14m 34s
Ed Herrmann Beneath the River 43m 0s
David Ikard Memoir of a Daydream 12m 10s
Daniel Cabanzo In the inside 10m 10s

concert b (thursday 12noon, saturday 10am)

Cesare Saldicco Still Life 9m 0s
Steve McCourt Ac-4 14m 59s
Alejandra Hernandez Solar 15m 12s
Panayiotis KOKORAS Construct Synthesis 10m 11s
Malte Steiner reqPZ 7m 45s
jamie fawcus stone, paper, scissors 9m 9s
Adrian Moore Nebula Sequence 19m 45s
Alejandro Casales Nymphaeas 8m 0s
Dan Tapper Exploring Spaces 4m 24s
Adam Stansbie Fractions 9m 10s

concert c (thursday 2pm, saturday 12 noon)

Thomas Rex Beverly Angry Young Man 4m 42s
Steven Tunnicliffe Sandy 9m 12s
Stelios Manousakis Megas Diakosmos 8m 46s
Michael Clarke Tim(br)e 2 8m 27s
Louise Harris sys_m1 8m 4s
John Cage (Realization by Frank Spigner) Fontana Mix 5m 13s
Junya Oikawa Growing Verse 4m 33s
Elainie Lillios Listening Beyond… 8m 19s
Chuang Se-Lien Impromptu for Yang-chin 6m 0s
Felipe Otondo Irama 9m 33s
Manuel Rocha Iturbide Casi Nada 10m 52s
Pierre Thoma drop – one drop 7m 14s
Benjamin O’Brien OSCines 6m 8s
Antonino Chiaramonte Canaja Canaja 5m 56s

concert d (thursday 4pm, saturday 2pm)

Svetlana Maras Poetica micro-mix 7m 59s
Simon Jones Tom Kha Gai 5m 20s
Salvador TORRÉ The Red Isle 9m 8s
Nicola Casetta Piano Simulacrum 10m 31s
Kyong Mee Choi Tranquility 7m 0s
Joao Pedro Oliveira ‘Aphâr 11m 0s
Francesco Galante Itineraires ( pour Edgar Varese) 12m 48s
Diana Salazar Capsicum Fever 10m 58s
David Ikard Vélo 9m 51s
Christopher Burns Jacquard 4m 24s
jef chippewa DUO 2m 43s
Gabriele Paolozzi Vocal Mutations 6m 36s
Novellino|Panico|Rosi Black Sand 8m 46s

concert e (friday 10am, saturday 4pm)

Sang Mi Ahn Narval 5m 44s
Ricardo de Armas Lucid dream 7m 30s
Massimiliano Viel Crossing 16m 29s
Kite•String impressions | expressions 7m 30s
Joo Won Park Gainesville Soundscape 14m 52s
James Andean Maledetta 6m 48s
Nichola Scrutton Fretwork 4m 48s
Hugo Paquete Radial Transference 8m 43s
Andrea Agostini Musica per il chiostro di Royaumont 25m 53s
Christopher Jette luminesantTRAJECTORIES 6m 52s

concert f (friday 12noon, sunday 10am)

Timothy Roy Ghosts of Cluny 5m 12s
Martin Jaroszewicz Micro Montage 3m 48s
Luca De Siena Missa Aquae 9m 59s
Jason Bolte Putt’n Around 5m 33s
Hoyong Lee Mirage 5m 43s
Howie Kenty Coruscation and Dissolution 13m 52s
Jane Rigler the calling 7m 39s
Erik Nyström Catabolisms 12m 14s
Elisabet Curbelo Roxanne´nın dönüşümü 6m 0s
Dave Gedosh Train Song 8m 58s
daniel blinkhorn frostbYte – redsound 14m 35s
Andreas Weixler for Pi 6m 3s

concert g (friday 2pm, sunday 12noon)

Louise Rossiter Mordicum 6m 55s
Emmanuel Spinelli ELECTRO+ (ORASTIE) 16m 58s
Linda Antas Iridescence 6m 50s
Mark Zaki canzona quello non è là 8m 45s
Hans Tutschku Rojo 15m 16s
Andrew Hill Abstracted Journeys 5m 5s
Aidan Deery Balconry 14m 43s
Dan Tramte e u t h a n a s i a 8m 17s

concert h (thursday 6pm)

Richard Garrett Only Now 7m 51s
Rafael Munoz Gomez Stuck 10m 57s
John Oliver Just Inference 5m 3s
Nicholas Cline Homage to La Monte Young 6m 36s
John Nichols III Gates (Kedesh-Naphtali) 8m 46s
John Gibson Slumber 5m 0s
Fernando Alexis Franco Franco Murillo Qualia 10m 42s
Javier Alejandro Garavaglia OVERTURE (in memoriam T.A.T.) 10m 38s
Chris McCann Amongst The Clutter 11m 30s

concert i (friday 6pm)

Trevor Wishart encounters 80m 0s

concert v (saturday 6pm)

Teresa Connors and Shannon Harris Terroir 6m 46s
Paul Riker and Anthony Angelicola Cubicle Revisited 9m 54s
Melody Eötvös Patoises I: Blue 9m 3s
Luca De Siena Concrezione 4m 19s
Jon Weinel Mezcal Animations #1-3 4m 0s
Jay Cloidt SCREEN 3m 14s
Gregory Lenczycki All things that move and breathe with toil and sound Are born and die, revolve, subside, and swell. 8m 36s
Gabriele Paolozzi Il Vaso di Pandora 8m 3s
Brian Cullen Pixel Parasites 8m 24s
Alexander Sigman Future Creatures 9m 24s
Alessandro Perini Borgesian Zoo, Suite No. 1 10m 0s
Damon Lee Stumm 7m 0s