Pitch Detection

Considerations for Computer Music applications:

  1. Signals are often noisy, eg: poor soundcards, other instruments/voices,
  2. How much frequency resolution is needed? Correct octave a must, but will a semitone suffice?
  3. What latency can be tolerated (what framesize should be used for analysis?)
  4. Does the instrument have well-defined/behaved harmonics?

In the paper by de la Cuadra et al., ``Efficient Pitch Detection Techniques for Interactive Music'', four (4) pitch detection algorithms are summarized:

  1. Harmonic Product Spectrum
  2. Maximum Likelihood
  3. Cepstrum-Biased HPS
  4. Weighted Autocorrelation Function

``Music 270a: Signal Analysis'' by Tamara Smyth, Department of Music, University of California, San Diego.
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